Striper Nov 21

I went out by myself for the first time ever. I thought it was going to be a bit calmer than it turned out to be, not rough or dangerous just solid 1+ to 2+. I started off at 1GW, wish I had not seen the boats or the birds, there were a few but not in great quantity. I decided to pick up and go to old reliable 62. Set out 3 rods and started trolling towards the NNK Reef. Maybe half way to the reef I started to see tons of birds working and a few boats. As I got closer I started picking up so many dinks I couldn’t keep up and with the boat not going in the direction I needed it to go I moved back to two rods. Eventually, got a nice 26″ then lost another likely 26 at the boat. I thought it was a tandem but as it got closer I knew I was in trouble because I couldn’t get the net. I should have just yanked it over but I fumbled for the net and lost it. Got a bunch more dinks all day and got a couple at 20″ but let them go.

I have heard a ton of arguements about fishing during a full moon. If today was any indication I will be fishing all full moons from now on.


  • Air Temp 33 – 45
  • Wind 5  – 10 from the Northwest
  • Sky Clear 95%
  • Pressure 30.20 steady
  • Moon Phase 95%


  • Waves  1+  to 2+ later in the afternoon from the north
  • Tide LT  HT 10:00
  • Temp 52.0
  • Clear


Best was small 1/2 oz white red stripe bucktails

Various color combos and sizes

We ran tandems on the backs of 8,12,16,20 oz inlines

2.5 oz yellow, 2 oz white/green, 2 oz gold fleck, etc. and gold and black stretch 30