Striper Dec 1st

Set out with Scott at 6:30, went to 62 and caught 3 very quickly. There was one close to keeper but as normal Scott threw it back before measuring. Virgil another friend gets all frustrated with Scott because in the action Scott gets too excited to go through the whole rigor of measuring.

Finally, it layed down and really nothing was happening so we called our buddy Dave. He was at the cut, told us there were tons of boats and tons of birds. He was correct, it was as we call it a Walmart parking lot. Very difficult to drive the boat so Scott was on his own fishing. Picked up a nice 28″ and a 22″. Both were in one hole.

Overall we caught tons of 18 -19 in but these were our only keepers.


  • Air Temp 33 – 45
  • Wind 5  – 10 from the Northwest
  • Sky Clear very over cast
  • Pressure 30.20 steady
  • Moon Phase last quarter waning.


  • Waves  1+  to 2+ later in the afternoon from the north
  • Tide LT  HT 7:00
  • Temp 46.0
  • Clear


Same as we have been using. Started naming the baits which has been fun and actually helps. We have “Money”, “Colonial Heights”, “Pretty”, and “Green Eyed Lady”.