Striper Dec 3rd

Today was one of those days you dream about. We had Keates, Jeremy join Scott and I. We left the dock at 13:30 hoping to get a few fish before the gang went with Captain Ryan on Tuesday.  This has become a tradition with Keates. He sponsor a trip for work and comes the day before and we fish as much as we can. Today we knew we only had a few hours so our expectations were not great just going to have a few hours of fun before eating.

We set off for ole reliable 62 but saw a few boats well north of the NN Reef so we did what all great fisherman do we feel right in with the gang. Jeremy told us there were tons of birds and boy was he right. Put in and trolled with our reliable baits and everything we had picked up fish. One nice keeper right after the next. Had about as many keepers as we had throw backs which is extremely rare.

Could not have had a better day for 2 hours of fishing. Cleaned them all up and cut a bunch into chucks so Scott could fry them up. Ate great and had a great time.

Air Temp 62 -> 50
Wind 9 -> 0 from the NW
Sky Clear
Pressure 29.6 rising
Moon Phase last quarter waning.

Waves 1-> 0 later in the afternoon
Tide  HT 9:00 LT 15:27
Temp 45.0

Same as we have been using. Started naming the baits which has been fun and actually helps. We have “Money”, “Colonial Heights”, “Pretty”, and “Green Eyed Lady”. Added a Black and Gold Stretch 25