Striper Dec 26 2018

Today we had Mitch with us for the first time in a while. A good day all together, great weather and the fishing was good. We caught a bunch under and ended the day with a nice 27″ and a 22″. We mostly were down at 59a (Leroy) and really only on the west side. There were a bunch of marks so we just circled until we got them. Later in the day joined the fleet up around 62 saw a bunch of marks but nothing really biting.

Air Temp 29 -> 42
Wind 9 -> 0 from the NW
Sky Clear
Pressure 29.6 rising
Moon Phase waning 85%.

Waves 1-> 0 later in the afternoon
Tide  LT 8:30 HT 14:50
Temp 42.0


All tandem rigs with 1 – 6 oz mojos. By far the best were a 1oz white red neck bucktail with a 4 inch white shad and green 2 oz with white on one and chartruse on the other bucktail. The stretch no matter what color has not produced much this year (it did catch the biggest 32in but other than that not much).