Striper Dec 27th

Today we had Pop Pop (Scotts father) and Charlie (Pop Pop’s) brother in law along with Mitch so a boat full but it worked out really well. Again as always caught a bunch of unders but ended the day with 5 keepers. All were about 22″ so a good day but no bigins. Water and weather were perfect a bunch of boats were fishing so it was a hectic day driving.

Air Temp 29 -> 50
Wind 4 -> 0 from the NW
Sky Clear
Pressure 29.6 rising
Moon Phase waning 85%.

Waves 1-> 0 later in the afternoon
TideĀ  LT 9:39 HT 15:45
Temp 42.0


All tandem rigs with 1 – 6 oz mojos. By far the best were a 1oz white red neck bucktail with a 4 inch white shad and green 2 oz with white on one and chartruse on the other bucktail. The stretch no matter what color has not produced much this year (it did catch the biggest 32in but other than that not much).