Striper Dec 28

What a perfect day! Had Pop Pop, Virgil, Mitch on my boat and Scott had Bubba and Kenny on his. We set off at about 7:15 heading to 59a and Scott was going to 62. We had fog a bit this morning, Scott at 62 had it way worse.

Called Scott at about 8 because a big tanker was heading his way and thankfully so because it was heading right for him. He eventually came down to 59 area because we had a much more consistent bite than they were having this morning.

Fishing was great and we all had a great time. I put out the Dummy Line and of course Virgil and Mitch were like what in the world are you doing. All were a beliver by the end of the day.

Overall, we caught 8 keepers and maybe 40 fish overall. Could have had multiple more had we stayed but by 11:00 we were done for the day. The bait of choice again was the 1 oz white bucktail with a red ring around his neck and a 4 inch white swimshad. The stretch didn’t get a thing.

Air Temp 45 -> 60
Wind 1-> 0 from the NW
Sky Clear late, fog early
Pressure 30.12 rising
Moon Phase waning 55%.

Waves 0> 0 later in the afternoon
Tide  LT 11:53 HT 17:50
Temp 42.0


All tandem rigs with 1 – 6 oz mojos. By far the best were a 1oz white red neck bucktail with a 4 inch white shad and green 2 oz with white on one and chartruse on the other bucktail. The story of the day will be the dummy line. It is a rope that you tie on the boat, a 5 lb weight, then to like 100# test line, then to a 20 oz weight, then to a big clip. You put on a any kind of bait, today I drug a big umbrella rigged with two 2oz mojos.