The difference in a day

June 19,2020

Well with ultra high hopes Ron, Todd, and I set out for the cobia run. Joe and Jack joined in Joe’s boat and we went almost to the exact same spot as yesterday. They were not there in any great numbers today. We setup everything as normal but we were there about an hour before Joe caught a 38″. Maybe about 30 min after that Joe and Jack brought in a 49″ and to make matters worse we had a good one on maybe mid 40s but he got off at the boat. Broke the leader, it is a very difficult fish to net but unless it is clearly over 40 I never want to gaff. Once gaffed I would be surprised if they survive. Absolutely no reason to kill a fish you can eat. One main difference today is I am sure we did not have any hits that were not on a live spot. We had eels, spot, and cut bunker but the spot got every hit.

Todd came with us today and had never caught a cobia but we stayed long enough to get through the tide change and he finally got a chance and landed and nice 41er. It was not the fighter I was hoping Todd would get but all cobia have a certain amount of fight that is always fun.

I am planning on heading back out with Mitch, Scott, and Basil after I attend the Wyldlife yard sale fundraiser on Saturday afternoon.

I know my entries have been a little weak on details but after I got home from a long day of fishing I still needed to mix and bake 4 more pans of cinnamon buns, cut the yard, set the spot trap, check the crab pots, fix the sign for Whays Creek Road (maybe another seperate article).