First(s) for Basil (the hat trick)

Went out with my friend Basil and Scott for cobia fishing on Jun 25th. We set out about noon after I took vacation for the rest of the day. We setup out near our favorite spot on Dameron Marsh. Since it was Thursday there were only about 5 other boats within eyesight.

Cobia: We setup with the normal spread but added a spot on one of the rods. Spot even though Scott has never caught a cobia on it is a great bait. Did I tell you Scott doesn’t like change, well its official I have two friends that do not like to try any different kind of bait (I’ll let the other remain annonomus for now). Seemed like things were going to be a slow day but as normal cobia have a way of turning on the adrenaline in an instant. With one on Basil was up and after only about 5 min we had him in the boat. I put my GoPro on and if I can get it connected I will add the video. For now you will have just view the pics. This was Basil’s first cobia.

Spanish: The 3 of us stayed on our spot for a while longer but after the tide changed the “gear” and the boat was running backwards so we decided we would switch over to Spanish Macs to see if they were here yet. This seems a bit early for Spanish but the water temp (75) is warm enough for them to be here and our friends Ron and Joe came by to check on us and thought they had seen them on the surface.

We dropped them the spoons in just where we were at and trolled to the GW river entrance. Started catching some and basically went between the entrance and GW 1 back and forth. We ended up with 3 keepers and that was the second first-time species for Basil.

Blue: Well we didn’t have a picture because Scott throws all Blues back unless you tell him before but as normal we picked up a blue during the troll and Basil hat trip was complete.