♬ Tuna Fishing Baby…Yeah 6/8/2020

I’ll start off with the obvious, it was a great day on the water. Ron, Mike, Jack, Dave and I meet at the Schooner Hotel Sunday afternoon. We went over to the Rudee Inlet outdoor restaurant, ate, and watched for Capt Ryan Rogers come in on the Midnight Sun. When he finally got there, which was late, 18:00 we meet him at the dock. He had a good haul of Yellow fin and a few black fin. We talked with him and decided to meet at 3:00 because we needed 4 hours to haul to the fishing grounds.

Meet up with the gang at 2:30 on Monday morning and on the boat at 3:00. Ryan and Doug joined at 3:00 and we were off. Four long hours we were on the grounds which were ruffly at coordinates N 35 49 by W 74 51. The water and weather were just about as perfect as you could draw up so no complaint there.

The Baits: Fishing was cool which I had not done. We had two long plastic squid teasers on the sides just behind the boat maybe just at the transom, no more. The main bait was Ballyhoos, I would say they were from anywhere between 50 and 250 feet behind the boat. We also had a few teaser combos close to the baits nearest the boat. A rainbow of colors and combos of teasers. I am not convince that made the difference, most of the strikes were the back baits.

The Gear: Most if not all of the reels were 50s with mono (I would estimate 60#). There were Penns and Shimanos in the mix. Drag was set to strike which Doug told us it was about 17 – 20 lbs of dragforce.

The Catching: On initial strike the fish just took off, there was no stopping him at Full drag which was a little surprising to me for such a big reel. They were a “screama” and you just had to wait them out. This was true for both yellow and blackfin. The blackfin of course slowed down the quickest and was the easiest to get back to the boat. The yellow fin would take line multiple times during the fight. The fight was very full on, you better eat your breakfast and lift weights before you get on.

Sharks: The sharks were ridiculous. I think we only landed 3 whole yellow fins, 2 partials, and 10 got completely taken by sharks. The sharks were more numerous than the tuna at some points. They are supposed to be an endangered species, anyone who thinks that should go fishing for a day and their minds should be completely changed forever. There was one time during the trip that we had 4 sharks on at one time. Completely a 30 min window of crazy happening. I pulled in one with no belt (because we had only 3).

Missing Joe: Our good friend Joe could not make it, he is scheduled to visit his father and did not feel it was worth the chance to pass on any thing to his father. I am in complete agreement with him but was very sorry to miss him. And more importantly, without question I know Joe would have caught the biggest fish.

The biggest fish: Ron pulled in the biggest full fish and the biggest partial fish. So he took the honors

Things I saw:

  • Yellow fin tuna
  • Black fin tuna
  • Spinner sharks (very cool seeing them fly out of the water and spinning)
  • Hammerhead sharks (5)
  • Sea turtles (2)
  • Man-of-War (3)
  • Porpoise (many, one pod swam beside the boat)
  • 4 crazy friends (Ron, Jack, Dave, and Mike)
  • 2 good Captains and mates (Ryan and Doug)
  • 4 High speed Navy boats with massive guns
  • A mylar ballon
  • One thing I did not see is all of the sharks that took the tuna

Photos and videos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DphEggCGF6vHaRRDA


  • Pressure 30.04 in
  • Visibility 10 miles
  • Clouds Partly Cloudy
  • Dew Point 69 F
  • Humidity 67 %
  • Temp 81
  • Wind 6 NE
  • Water Temp 74 and clear

Charters: midnightsun

Baits: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Outdoor—Sporting-Goods-Company/Killer-Bee-Customs-1554271024812882/

Start the year off right

First trip out this year for some serious fishing. Scott, Brian, and Shady came over about 6:30. Headed off for the bait shop at Crockrells. Normally the shop opens at 7:00 we got there at 6:45 and the guys were putting a big order together so we snuck in the middle. Good group of guys at the shop and always treats us right.

We needed to be back early so we took off for the bay side of Dameron marsh. There were probably a handfull of boats but we were there before the parking lot. Went to a place I had marked 2 years ago. Put out a chum bag at the bottom (15 feet of water and behind us it as a drop off to 20).

The Story

Put out the 4 rods and I would estimate maybe a min the rod closest to me went screaming. I picked it up set the hook and handed it to Shady. He went out 50 feet and I could see it was a cobia. Shady was fighting the biggest fish he has ever caught and was very fun to see. Of course, Scott was wound up but the rest of us were as well. He came to the boat about 5 times before we could net him. Everyone was worn out and turned out to be a good fish.

We caught a few skates later but that was the only Cobia.

On the way back my Alternator belt broke but we had tools and a replacement belt on board so other than being hot not really a problem. Ok, me remember to get another belt. Really, I need to change them out yearly.

  • Weather
  • Air Temp 75 -> 80
  • Wind 4 from the W
  • Moon Phase waning 55%.
  • Pressure 29.82 in
  • Visibility 10 miles
  • Clouds Partly Cloudy
  • Dew Point 74 F
  • Humidity 68 %
  • Water
  • Waves 0.5> 0.5 later
  • Tide  LT 7:35 HT 13:25
  • Temp 72.0
  • Clear


  • Chum at the bottom
  • Bunker on the hook
  • Chum over the gunnel

37°45’54.3″N +76°15’31.6″W

A day for new Hope

This morning is Easter, a time for me when I would be getting prepared either to teach or go to Sunday School. As normal I am up early and listening to my favorite Bible study. But today is not a normal Sunday, I have been at home (working) for 3 weeks now, not going into work. This is of course during the COVID 19 pandemic.

We the world and the country have been through a radical change. Sadly, we are in the very beginning and not towards the end. We have become so accustomed to a given way of life we are still in denial of how seriously this pandemic is going to effect us. I truly believe it will take a year or so to be back to full force.

The overwhelming question is will be is it over after the pandemic is over or just the first in a long line of viruses? I am not sure but I can bet this particular one is not going to be the only one in my lifetime.

Where is the hope in that? Well it is no hope in the world, my hope is in the belief in my soul that will be in Heaven for eternity. I believe that when born there is no end but eternal life, the question is where. My prayer for all of you will be Heaven and not Hell. We have eternal life in Heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus.

We all hope for the best for this world but put your hope and faith in Jesus, that is the manner in which you gain the wonderful life here on earth and in Heaven.

I pray for each of you.

2019 a year to forget! A bust for me.

I knew this was going to be a tough year for me based on work. I had a big project at work that had a 2019 deadline. The project went live on Dec 5th but that was the big thing that held me back from fishing as much as I could.

The year started a bust because Spring Trophy season was cancelled. I would expect that the 2020 season will be cancelled as well. I am fully supportive of any legislative measures that will keep the population of fish in the Bay healthy

My boat had a lower unit go out and that took out most of the spring and summer fishing. I was able to get out a few times for Spanish and that was the one specicies that saved fishing in general. By all accounts we had a banner year for Spanish.

Did not get out Cobia fishing but once and did not get anything other than a few skates.

Had lots of issues with the weather, big wind/waves and after I was off for the remainder of the year it was extremely foggy so we didn’t venture off too many times.

My buddy Mitch got a new Parker so I did go with him a few times after Dec 16th but we only got a few shorts. Went with Captain Jack one time and caught one keeper.

The one that got away. Had a 50# main line break on a very big fish. The 25# leader did not break so it was obviously a chaffed or defective line.

Anyway, I have my boat in good working order and hopefully 2020 will be the year for some wall mounters.

See ya in the Spring.

2019 a bust of a year

Well the year started out terrible when MRC cancelled stripper spring season. Then I got word from Dave my boat guy that my lower unit is bad. He couldn’t find one anywhere so I took to the internet and finally found a group in Kansas that would rebuild mine. It is now June 8th and I don’t even have a boat to go fishing. Well hopefully it will be back soon and I can get out for Cobia and Spanish fishing.

2018 in review

All in all 2018 was a great year, we had pretty good success all year. I will add a paragraph for each type of fishing I did this year even though I may not have an entry. I really started this blog to help me remember from year to year. I am really hoping it helps me more next year as I look back on weather conditions and various aspects of sea conditions, etc. I’ll update you early 2020 to tell you how it went.

Spring striper season (Trophy) – I certainly didn’t catch one but I don’t remember getting out either. If I went at all it was only once or twice. This is the main reason for this blog. I plan to put out information even when I was unsuccesful. I do remember this was not a great weather season especially early. I have come to the point in my fishing lifetime to know that I have been running baits too big for some time. It is hard to come to grips with the fact that you don’t need a big bait to catch a big fish but once you see that truth it is completely obvious. Anyway hoping for better in 2019.

Spanish Mackerel – Had a good Spanish season this year. I did not add enough entries into the blog to represent the season. I did spend much less time spanish fishing because I went more cobia than normal. The one blog entry I did add was when Eddie came into town. That was his first spanish he actually brought it into the boat. He had obviously lost a bunch on the way in which is really easy to do. One change we incorportated this year was the speed at which we retrieved the fish. I think slowing down the retrieval actually helps keep the planner out of the water. Will validate next year.

Cobia – A very good cobia year even though we really didn’t catch any huge ones. The bite was constant and I don’t remember missing any, we brought over board every one we hooked up. The skates were a bigger problem this year than in previous years. I hooked them on every imaginable bait so I don’t know the best way around the skate problem.

Fall striper – By far the best year ever. I am sure going with Captain Ryan on the Midnight Sun last fall and seeing the gear and tactics he incorporates helped with this year. We ran smaller baits and tried some old favorites which turned out the be the best. The old white bucktail with a red neck adding a 4 inch white swim shad by far out fished every other bait. We did have a lot of success with a green and chartruse mojo as well. Basically fish tandems with one running at 10 ft and the other running 16 ft behind various inline weights. The weights ranged from 16 to 24 oz. Mostly let out the lines from 18 runs to 10 runs out.

Measurement controversy – Best part of the argument was how to properly measure a fish. I was completely wrong I guess mostly because during the tournaments I have been in they would not allow the tail to be pinched but I did swipe the contents of Measurements from the Va Marine Resources site. This method makes sense because it is the only way to take out any varible. So of course Scott lost his mind knowing that we did in fact push over some keepers. I don’t really care other than now knowing the truth because we caught tons of fish this year.

Measurements………………..Size limits are in total length. Total length means the length of a fish measured from the most forward projection of the snout, with the mouth closed, to the tip of the longer lobe of the tail (caudal) fin, measured with the tail compressed along the midline, using a straight-line measure, not measured over the curve of the body. Snout means the most forward projection from a fish’s head that includes the upper and lower jaw.

Striper Dec 28

What a perfect day! Had Pop Pop, Virgil, Mitch on my boat and Scott had Bubba and Kenny on his. We set off at about 7:15 heading to 59a and Scott was going to 62. We had fog a bit this morning, Scott at 62 had it way worse.

Called Scott at about 8 because a big tanker was heading his way and thankfully so because it was heading right for him. He eventually came down to 59 area because we had a much more consistent bite than they were having this morning.

Fishing was great and we all had a great time. I put out the Dummy Line and of course Virgil and Mitch were like what in the world are you doing. All were a beliver by the end of the day.

Overall, we caught 8 keepers and maybe 40 fish overall. Could have had multiple more had we stayed but by 11:00 we were done for the day. The bait of choice again was the 1 oz white bucktail with a red ring around his neck and a 4 inch white swimshad. The stretch didn’t get a thing.

Air Temp 45 -> 60
Wind 1-> 0 from the NW
Sky Clear late, fog early
Pressure 30.12 rising
Moon Phase waning 55%.

Waves 0> 0 later in the afternoon
Tide  LT 11:53 HT 17:50
Temp 42.0


All tandem rigs with 1 – 6 oz mojos. By far the best were a 1oz white red neck bucktail with a 4 inch white shad and green 2 oz with white on one and chartruse on the other bucktail. The story of the day will be the dummy line. It is a rope that you tie on the boat, a 5 lb weight, then to like 100# test line, then to a 20 oz weight, then to a big clip. You put on a any kind of bait, today I drug a big umbrella rigged with two 2oz mojos.

Striper Dec 26 2018

Today we had Mitch with us for the first time in a while. A good day all together, great weather and the fishing was good. We caught a bunch under and ended the day with a nice 27″ and a 22″. We mostly were down at 59a (Leroy) and really only on the west side. There were a bunch of marks so we just circled until we got them. Later in the day joined the fleet up around 62 saw a bunch of marks but nothing really biting.

Air Temp 29 -> 42
Wind 9 -> 0 from the NW
Sky Clear
Pressure 29.6 rising
Moon Phase waning 85%.

Waves 1-> 0 later in the afternoon
Tide  LT 8:30 HT 14:50
Temp 42.0


All tandem rigs with 1 – 6 oz mojos. By far the best were a 1oz white red neck bucktail with a 4 inch white shad and green 2 oz with white on one and chartruse on the other bucktail. The stretch no matter what color has not produced much this year (it did catch the biggest 32in but other than that not much).