Records dropping like flies

Update on tagged fish. Hear is the report I got back. “Remark:┬áThis fish was in with a pack of hundreds. Most were about the same size.”

Really had not intended to fish today but I got a call from Ron and Jack that they were killing the cobia. They were coming back for lunch and asked did I want to go out for a second run. Yep…I’m on my way.

Got to Ron’s house set out for the fishing grounds and yep almost immediately we got right back into them. There was a lull for about an hour waiting for the tide to turn but we got them jumping into the boat.

27, yep you heard that right, 27 cobia in a single day. I don’t believe it and I was there so I have no problem with you say LIE.

Caught one with a tag. That was my first tagged fish. I registered him and will add the report here once it is emailed to me.

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