Well that wasn’t suppose to happen

Invited my friend Charlie. He was looking to bag his first legal size cobia. Adam wanted to go as well so we got together around 8:00 at my dock. Charlie had driven up for the day and needed to get back for a job responsibility so we only had a few hours to fish. And to make matters worse as soon as he stepped on the boat he hit his glasses on the antenna and they were in the water. Adam got there and we head out. The Walmart parking lot was full but we pushed ourselveles in as best we could and dropped everything in. The weather started out great but everything was running backwards. Later the wind was against us and the tide made the boat turn sideways in the water so it was a hard 4 hours of fishing. Needless to say we didn’t catch a thing and I felt bad for the group but somedays are just not destined to catch.

Running backwards: This is what I mean, the boat under great conditions has its bow into the any wave and the lines run out directly behind the boat. So all 4 rods can easily be kept apart, you can sit back and watch the lines. Backwards is just that the boat it turn one way generally the waves are hitting the transom or the sides and the lines are running towards the chum bag and anchor. I really don’t think you catch very many in the backwards position.

Parking lot: When there are so many boats out in close proximity the fish can easily get confused. With so much chum in the water I think they just feed where they are at and don’t need to bite a bait. Again, I don’t think you catch many in these conditions.

Well we got back just after noon and Charlie went to work. Hoping for much better next year or later this year when he and Adam can be here more and go out on a better day. Yes, it is true, you cannot catch yesterday’s fish.